Our company was founded with the goal of shaping metal by GÜDÜCÜ Sukru in 1983 and do machining jobs. By the manufacture of various machinery and spare parts production it has continued so far in 1983. Since its establishment, the importance given to quality customer-focused activities, thanks to the support and technical equipment supplier companies has strengthened its position in the industry continuously increasing its capacity.

Continuously growing employment and increasing the capacity of the machinery of our company in line with the objectives to be an example to the industry by pioneering the first in the industry has been focused on R & D issues in çalışanlarını has led in this direction.

In 2002, the increasing professionalization of our company in order to manufacture a variety of marketing activities GDC Hydraulic & Pneumatic company has established sales and carries through the work of this company.

Our company is domestic, with international sales and dealership system Equipment Hydraulic Cylinders and Hydraulic Equipment Unit conducts its manufacturing and sales. Customer satisfaction with the quality and variety of products oriented point of view and is continuously increasing its number of customers and continue to grow.

Customer satisfaction is a priority, continuing with the production quality and service principles GDC Hydraulic customers with rich technical knowledge may give an answer to every problem.